Smok Pen Reviews – How Can I SPEND LESS?

Smok Pen Reviews – How Can I SPEND LESS?

The SOK Pen is the latest creation from the company named SOK Communication. A terrific way to get your name out there, they create great pens that include the innovative smok technology. great pen that will make you creative and express yourself, but don’t want to use standard gel pens, then this is actually the one you need. The product comes in both a black tank with a pink reservoir that makes it easy to see what you are writing onto it. This reservoir is leak proof aswell, giving you that professional look once you write.

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One of the main differences between a normal gel pen and a smok pen is that they come with two coils. The way this works is that the pink reservoir holds handful of juice, which powers the heater in the pen. Once the juice is heated, it moves to the pen’s body, warming up the coil in the reservoir.

Once, the coils heat up, the pink heat button on the pen activates the electric fire button. This activates the heating element that melts the liquid onto the paper or your page. The moment the liquid touches the paper, a nice, even brown color is achieved. When the liquid evaporates, the same color is Element Vape Discount Code achieved. It is that easy!

Another amazing feature about this pen is that the coils are put on underneath of the pen. Why? Well, as you wouldn’t manage to see them when you are using it. Therefore, the entire area of the tank will be transparent, letting you see everything you are writing constantly. Since the coils are on underneath of the unit, there is no chance of the juice or the coil touching the liquids and causing damage to it. Instead, everything stays safe and clean under the tank.

Are you aware that build quality of the pen, it really is definitely on the high end. I feel that the entire construction is above average. Everything is smooth and contains a nice feel about it. However, since i have didn’t try the cap on the pen, I cannot honestly say if it feels much better than a standard ball point pen.

The tank can be an amazing area of the smok vape pen. I believe the entire tank is built in, which would lead to easy cleaning. If you look at other pens, you will see that they have tanks that are removable. The Smok Vaporizer pen has a built-in tank that holds enough fluid to really get your desired liquid nicotine level.

One other feature of the Smok Pen 22 is that you will find a USB charging port on the bottom. I like this port because I don’t always desire to take my pen with me. Sometimes I simply want to enjoy the sensation of dripping hot e-juice onto my finger. That is why I love the port on the pen, especially since I’m not always going to be near some type of computer or charger.

While this might be a problem for a lot of, the Smok Vaporizer pen offers enough features and is made solidly. The overall build quality is very good and I really love the tank, battery life, USB charging port, and the capability to try different flavours. The one minor problem may be the battery life, but besides that, this pen is ideal for anyone who enjoys an enjoyable e-juice experience.

When it comes to the Smok Pen 22, you really have to look at a few things when attempting to make an educated buying decision. First off, you have to know you could buy replacement coil heads separately from the pen. When I found out about this, I was a little disappointed because otherwise the e-liquid flavour wouldn’t normally be that unique and the very best part would be in the event that you could actually only produce one flavour utilizing the coil heads.

That is right, if you decide to buy a Smok Pen 22 with the coil head included then you might only use one specific flavour. So, in essence, you are limited to the flavours that are contained in the pen. Also, you will definitely be limited in the quantity of clouds you could produce. The cool thing is that one could upgrade your pen to enable you to start creating clouds regularly. It is possible to save 10 dollars a month or more using this method upgrade!

A very important factor you should know about the Smok Vaporizer Pen is that the cooling plate tends to melt a little. I don’t notice this issue too much, but if you leave the pen on for an extended period of time it may begin to cause problems. In the event that you leave your smok vaporizer pen on all day you should get some overheating, and you also don’t even realize that it’s happening because it’s quiet. I would suggest you do not leave your pen on for a lot more than 2 hours at the same time. Stay away from leaving it on longer than that if you don’t want to end up with an overheated pen.